Creating local cooperations and partnerships

Our professional service to local governments is also to make local-level civil-society-local government cooperation more efficient. In this context, we identify local common issues, assess the willingness and potential of the company to cooperate. We coordinate all of these with the local government development plans and current local problems.

Most businesses would be happy to support issues that would be useful to their settlement and would also enhance their reputation. However in the absence of time they are unable to deal with this issue and have no employees who could be trusted with this task. Here, though the intent and presumably the source is provided, but projects can not start in the absence of ideas, information and organizational capacity. Companies do not really know the priorities of the settlement and the issues to which they may be attached. They also do not know which non-profit organization should cooperate in one area.

To overcome this, local governments have to undertake coordination and project preparation tasks in order to mobilize the resources of companies for their own goals.

The purpose of the co-operation was to create a shared thinking and action based on common urban identities between the representatives of the local government and the civil society. As a first step, we are developing well-established corporate-civil-government initiatives. We also help our partners incorporate funding resources so that emerging initiatives are strengthened to remain in the long term, and are able to implement new projects with the involvement of other participants.

I could mention a number of good examples where companies joined together on local affairs and made spectacular results. Where local companies renovated playgrounds, they created community spaces where children's daytime placement was solved. These programs are positive and good topics for future meetings. In the framework of this task, after evaluating the short-term and medium-term plans of the local government and the important and represented values, we would be able to manage the idea generation and the launch of mutually accepted projects.