About us

The Talenthunt Ltd. was established to support business enterprises and municipalities. Our goal is to provide a measurable result through our work to help our clients successful operation.

Our activity focuses on 3 areas:

  1. business and local economy development,
  2. manpower search and development,
  3. project management.
We help the companies to find the most suitable team mates for them. We select and prepare with our own competence development program the employees for efficient work.

If an employer wishes to develop, train his or her own eployees or would like to start a trainee program, our qualified experts can help. We will work up and as needed also accomplish the conditions required by law, so employers can use their vocational training contributions and receive normative support for the training of workers.

If you need a supplier or an external resource to perform a task in our Outsourcing consulting activity we look for the most appropriate service provider and we also support the delivery of the activity to the outsourcing partner.

And if you are offering your service for other business partners we arrange the deal with them client cquisition and market growth

We provide professional consultancy for the local governments to develop the local economy in the topics of to attract foreign and local investors, job creation and local co-operation.