Manpower search and selection

Recruitment (Search and selection)

Workforce tests (Psychological, Language, Competencies, Stress Management, etc.)

How do we work

  1. First round interview
  2. Pre-screening (various tests, eg: attitude, personality, language) according to the client's requirements
  3. Employer interview
  4. Employee check on request (collect references)
  5. Employer’s decision
  6. Job offer
  7. Sign the work contract
  8. Evaluation, follow up of the process
Assessment of our employees' workforce usually requires a personal meeting, where we get to know not only the details of the position (professional, language, qualification requirements), but also the expectations of "soft skills".

Based on the reqirement we prepare a professional job advertisement that we publish on job-targeted sites, on highlighted surfaces and we make a dedicated search on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook). When searching, we also activate our professional network of contacts, we request recommendations, and we also display the Client and the position they are looking for at professional events and job fairs. In addition, we carry out detailed research in our own and country's largest and most recent CV databases. The selected are interviewed, presented to them the Client’s company, the job offer and we ask them for a recent CV. Thus, only the materials of the relevant candidates will be forwarded to the Customer.

Work is considered to be done if a sufficient amount and quality of manpower is hired by the Employer. Our service also includes a guarantee, which means that if the person who has been hired does not qualify for the 3 month probation period or will terminate the contract, we will present another suitable candidate free of charge.

The strength of our headhunter service is that in this context we address only people with knowledge that meets the conditions and we are raising their interest for the announced position. A large number of job seekers are inactive looking for a new career opportunity for them. This service also addresses them!

As part of our service, we also help our clients to promote the company in a more general sense, so we also do some kind of brand building, since we not only advertise the job but also the company itself. We are presenting the company to the candidates, passing general company information that goes beyond the given job. So that way not only the concrete job advertisement gets to the public, but why it is worth apply in to your company or what other open positions are available at the same company. This will get you more indirect candidates!

Based on the requirement profile of the Client, we will look for suitable candidates who are pre-screened based on the specified competency requirements.

In the next step, we will present the appropriate candidates in a mutually agreed method together with our client.