For Companies

Manpower search and selection

Labor intermediation (search and selection)

Manpower filtration (Psychological, Language Filtering, Competence Filtering, Stress Management, Monotone Tolerance)

Professional and adult education consultancy

We provide expert advice on how to use the vocational training contribution and to reduce the costs associated with the training of our own employees. In this way, as well as getting acquainted with the training of new employees, we can significantly reduce our training costs for our clients.

Development of Workforce – “Development of employee competencies” Program

Mainly in client-oriented jobs, such as SSCs, office workers, customer service, financial institutions, etc. for the existing and future employees, we have developed a 2-month “Adult Workplace Competency Development” adult training program. The effectiveness of the program is guaranteed by our training, intensive training methodology and our routine trainers in the service sector.

Project management service

Our project management methodology has been designed to fully fi to the organizational and corporate culture of our clients, thereby helping to achieve the project goal goals. The essence of our philosophy is that the task of project management is “just” to provide a regulated framework for a specific activity.