Professional and adult education consultancy

We provide expert advice on how to use the vocational training contribution and to reduce the costs associated with the training of our own employees. In this way, as well as getting acquainted with the training of new employees, we can significantly reduce our training costs for our clients.

Employer's benefits

  • reduces the monthly vocational training contribution,
  • contributions on employee wages is reduced,
  • cost savings in the costs of investment in the development of the company,
  • a stable workforce management system is formed,
  • with trainee program it is possible to know the future employees during their work,
  • cost savings on the training costs of employees,

Employer's cost saving benefits

  • There is no monthly fee for vocational training (gross obligation is zero forints).
  • The investment cost can be reclaimable up to - 1.700.000.- HUF.
  • Normative-based contribution to the labour cost of some employees, up to 900,000 HUF / year.
  • Normative-based contribution to maintain the training venue up to 1,000,000 HUF / year.

Use our free preliminary survey, based on which we can give you a precise suggestion of the infrastructure that is suitable for practical training, the possible cooperation framework for vocational training schools and the training opportunities utilizing the practical training venue.

Our package offers

BASIC: The basic package of services we offer. In this case, we undertake consulting. The formation and implementation of the training venue is the responsibility of the Client. This package includes the preparation of professional materials and documentation. We also provide additional consuting on request.
STANDARD:This package includes the participation in the formation of the training venue, that is, we prepare the establishment of a training venue. We provide contacts with relevant authorities, professional organizations and fast administration. We provide assistance in the steps of creating the workshop.
OPTIMUM:This package is recommended for companies who are able to create a training site on their own, but they need expert support in recruiting students / trainees. In our optimum package we offer the cooperation in the formation and recruitment of student relations.
MAXI:The package includes the establishment and operation of the training venue.