Our project management methodology has been designed to fully fit to the organizational and corporate culture of our clients, thereby helping to achieve the project goal goals. The essence of our philosophy is that the task of project management is "just" to provide a regulated framework for a specific activity. we have developed a service plan that can be flexibly scaled not only by the size of the task but also by the customer's preparedness. Where more expertise is present, we provide less professional services, where there is less expertise, we provide more services to professional advocacy and project documentation.

Our project management services are as follows:

1. Operational project management
For our clients where there is no project manager or the project itself is of such a size that we need to involve an external professional, we also provide operational project management services. We will also provide you with an experienced project manager and, if necessary, a project assistant.
2. Project office
Depending on the size of the project and the ordering company, it is often necessary to create a separate, casual organizational unit. We can also assist in setting up this process, in creating related processes, in selecting and developing the required IT system.
3. Project office operation
If an existing or planned Project Office does not have any or all of the resources within the organization at all, PMTech Ltd. provides professionals, who know about the operation of the company and collaborate with the project management or office management.